A Blogger Calculates How Expensive Carrie Bradshaw’s Improbable Life Is

There's nothing more delicious than when someone answers a question we've been wondering for over 10 years. So, we're giving The Frenemeny major props for her post that goes into meticulous, well researched detail on a little something called "Carrie Bradshaw math," aka how the eff did Ms. Bradshaw, a newspaper columnist, afford both her sick apartment and her even sicker wardrobe, given that Mr. Big wasn't doling out money like the Sugar Daddy he proved to be in the movie version. Granted,
Sex and the City
is full of unlikely plot lines (cue Samantha's sexual positions), but none are nearly as improbable as Carrie's designer labels and UES pad, given the fact that she isn't a trust fund baby or Jenna Lyons. To quote our favorite Frenemey: "Carrie Bradshaw, you gotta be tripping balls to have us believe that you can sustain yourself that extravagantly on that one stupid-ass column. You lying bitch!" To prove her point, the blogger actually crunches numbers, calculating potential income and expenses, including rent, cabs, shoes, dinners, and a trillion dollars for condoms. The outcome? Bradshaw's 3,000,000,000,000 in debt.

Image via Fashism

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