"Parking," The NYC Sex Term We'd Never Heard Of

Local residents of West 30th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues (aka the IRL, NYC-version of "The Court" from Never Been Kissed) are attempting to implement a weekend parking ban on their block due to some "problematic activity" occurring in parked cars. The residents complain that the area is constantly littered with used condoms and other evidence of debauchery, and they're ready for a change. Unfortunately for the neighbors (but fortunately for parking participants) the... situation doesn't seem to be garnering much sympathy from city officials. Meanwhile, on team anti-auto-activity, local bars say they're joining forces with residents to fight public sex one car at a time. No word on that game plan... yet.
While there's no ruling either way, the threat of a parking ban still looms over car parties (at least on this side of the island). In the meantime, get your (backseat) kicks while you still can. And remember West 30th- streeters, if the car's a rockin', well, you know. (Jezebel)
Photo via Jezebel

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