Paranoid About "Beauty Marks?" Quell Skin Cancer Fears With SpotCheck

Like most of us who don't monitor our SPF usages like hawks, you might get a little weird about the errant beauty mark or mole that you swear didn't look like that the day before, from time to time. Instead of texting pictures of your spots to your friends for reassurance, just download SpotCheck, a new app by Dr. Bobby Buka.
It's super-easy to use — just take a picture of the mole in question and submit it. A board certified dermatologist (aka a real person) will take a look at it and let you know within 24 hours whether you're just freaking out or if you actually have a reason to worry. Intrigued (or just want to look at pictures of "normal" and "abnormal" moles, you hypochondriac)? "Like" SpotCheck on Facebook for 50% off your first SpotCheck (usually $4.99 per session).

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