Do Animals Have A Unique Ability To See Ghosts?

Photographed by Anna Alexia.
Most of us would like to think we know our pets better than anyone. But, every once in a while, Fido does things that we just can't explain. They stared fixedly off in the distance. They bark at seemingly nothing. They chase shadows only they can see. To be quite honest, the only explanation we've been able to come up with is that our furry friends are seeing ghosts.
Sadly, we can't just ask our pets what the heck they're doing when they start acting strangely. But, if they were able to talk, we might be a little disappointed about their answer. It's well known that dogs have a sharper sense of hearing and smell than humans, while cats' nighttime vision blows ours out of the water. In other words, our pets may be responding to perfectly normal, of-this-world things that we simply cannot sense as well as they can.
Of course, that explanation doesn't make it any less unsettling when our dog repeatedly barks their adorable face off at the front door at the same time every night. Until we have the technology to communicate with our pets, we'll just have to hope that their powers of perception are such that they're sensing another dog walking past our house or something else completely mundane — otherwise, who knows what entity Fluffy is messing with.
Ahead, we hear from the human companions of some animals that seem eerily in touch with the other side.

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