The New Camel “Williamsburg Hipster” Branded Cigarettes Are Making The NYC Health Commissioner Fume

Looks like Brooklyn is becoming the poster-borough of vice. First, it was Absolut trying to "Do the Right Thing" to stay cool when they collaborated with Spike Lee for their Limited- Edition Absolut Brooklyn. Now, Camel is trying to tap into the hipster generation by using the hood—they just launched a release of their brand new "Williamsburg" brand of cigarettes for the college professor-meets lumberjack-meets Skins. Obviously, no one can doubt that these new ciggies are aimed at the poser kids—real hipsters wouldn't be caught dead smokin' em unless they were aiming for irony. But, in a new twist on the whole cancer stick debacle, NYC Health Commissioner, Thomas Farley let Camel know today, in a strongly worded letter, that he is none too pleased. He is fuming (get it) because he feels like these companies are tarnishing the good name and images of the "vibrant" neighborhood. We don't know 'bout that, but we do think hipsters are more pissed about this than say, Starbucks.

Above, left, photo via Nick Wolf.

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