Our Weekend Playlist...Of Our Favorite "Call Me Maybe" Parodies (Plus, A Giveaway!)

Last week we debuted our Weekend Playlist, which intro'd some of our favorite warm-weather jams and also gave listeners a chance to score the ultimate sounds of summer for free, courtesy of some $50 iTunes gift cards. This week, we present another musical round-up, but we must be honest: We have a problem.
Like the rest of the world, we have been afflicted with the most serious and viral of earworms. We cannot stop Carly Rae Jepsen-ing. This epidemic is reaching global proportions, forcing everyone who is anyone (Rebecca Minkoff? Walking, talking, singing abs? Small, oblong dogs? Everyone!) to record themselves tentatively asking us to give them a ring.
So, all we've got to add is: Hey. We can't stop this. And this is crazy. Here are six of our fave versions. So watch these, maybe? (And don't forget to enter to win your $50 iTunes gift card, below — deets on the last page!)
Photos: Courtesy of YouTube, Interscope
"Call Me Maybe: The Corgi Version"
"If this corgi wanted me to call it, I wouldn't waste another second, ring up the little guy, and ask it how its legs are so small. The video has an awful lot of barking, but the whole thing hits a major high with the little corgi drags out the tub and takes a pudgy, adorable bath."
—Leila Brillson, special projects editor
"Call Me, Maybe: The Tay-Be Version"
"After a number-one spot on Billboard, a Tay Zonday cover is sort of like a final coda to Jepson's slow climb. It either means she's officially a star, or we're witnessing her apex... it's hard to know which."
—Nathan Reese, contributing music writer
"Call Me, Maybe: The Disney Version"
"Clearly the original is the best. The almost Biebs/Selena kiss? Awww. The fake mustaches and lack of bongs or uh, salvia? So wholesome and fun. And The Tiz, hogging every inch of camera time she can? In this case, I don't hate it. S-W-A-G!"
—Kristian Laliberte, senior editor
"Call Me Maybe: The Classroom Instruments Version"
"Come on, this is hands-down the most adorable jam session ever. With The Roots rocking out on toy instruments and Jimmy Fallon backing up CRJ on vocals (and looking like he's trying really hard to resist her charms), this version will make you want to run out and buy your own mini xylophone just to play along. That being said, apologies to my deskmates for the one I'm bringing in on Monday."
—Lisa Eppich, editorial production assistant
"Call Me Maybe: The Presidential Version"
"President Obama has one of the most soothing voices around, which makes his mashup of 'Call Me Maybe' extra refreshing. With a baritone like that, who wouldn't want to call him?"
—Holly Thomas, D.C. editor
"Call Me Maybe: The Refinery29 After-Hours Version"
"Excuse the fact that I'm 100% biased, but, naturally, I think the R29 version of 'Call Me Maybe' tops them all. A semi-choreographed dance party and lipsync sesh with the interns, topped off with some confetti... shouldn't every weekend start that way?"
—Gina Marinelli, Choreographer Extraordinaire editorial assistant
Now, do us a solid and return the favor – tell us what you're listening to this summer (and if it's CRJ, we won't judge) in the comments. If you "Like" this post up at the top, and add your comment below, you'll be entered to win one of three $50 iTunes giftcards!

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