5 Snack Hacks For When You're Too Tired To Cook A Whole Meal

It’s a Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Who knows; it’s already been a tough week. And as you commute home from work, a pressing question emerges: What on earth should I eat for dinner? You’re pretty sure the delivery guy has started judging you, and the grocery store is just too far away and inevitably packed. The struggle is real, people.

But the thing is, weeknight cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or end in a dinner so big and heavy you can't fall asleep comfortably. That’s why we developed these five meals made entirely of some of our favorite snacks — items easily found at your neighborhood bodega or corner store. From Nutella-avocado toast to a bake-free, Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®-infused potato casserole, these dishes are inexpensive, simple, and just might do the trick.

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