The Millennial Women Defining “Homemaker” On Their Own Terms

"Homemaking" has gotten a bad rap over the years. We associate the word with dated, Don Draper-era domesticity, when "a woman's place" was said to be the kitchen, Dad was the breadwinner, and Dick and Jane were names people actually considered for their children. But today, women are reclaiming the term for the better. Making a home has evolved from its stultifying origins to mean something a bit more sophisticated; it now involves a lot more elbow grease, plus the ability to stake a claim in a crowded, competitive market. And that's just the way we like it.
As the days of the bearded gentleman farmer recede into farce, a new breed of Brooklyn makers are reclaiming the domestic arts and starting businesses that put home unapologetically front-and-center. Here, we visit three creative women in their work spaces. This is the stuff domestic dreams are made of — aprons optional.

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