How Your Boobs Can Predict The Future Of Your Relationship

We've always known guys love them some boobies, but according to a new study, the size of the boobs he's attracted to can actually tell you how faithful he'll be in a relationship. Scientists at the University of Wroclaw (yes, we checked, it's a real school, and it's in Poland) had 128 men stare at different-sized breasts and evaluate how attracted they were to each of them.
The researchers found that the men who were drawn to cup sizes C and up tended to be more promiscuous and less likely to want to settle into a relationship. Yay science and all, but this kinda just reinforces what most women already suspect: Guys who can't stop staring at your cleavage during a conversation do not make for great boyfriends. (YouBeauty)
Photo: Courtesy of Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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