Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Jovovich-Hawk Split

jovovich-hawk1Of all the celebrity-designed clothing lines out there, Jovovich-Hawk was one of our favorites. We lusted after their flirty, vintage-inspired pieces sold in fine department stores, and rushed to Target to scoop up the duo's deliciously affordable Go! International collection this spring, which packed a punch with floaty boho-chick dresses and sweet tops. That's why we're saddened to hear that after five years of beautiful clothes-making, longtime friends and business partners Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk have decided to go their separate ways and end the line.
As she reveals in a Lucky Magazine interview, Jovovich felt the timing was right, saying she's "in a time of rediscovery, from my career to my personal style." Founded in 2003, the brand became an instant hit among starlets and the style savvy, selling out at Fred Segal in its first season. Gracing the pages of every fashion magazine and the walls of boutiques everywhere, Jovovich-Hawk's clothes became go-to pieces for girls seeking an easy, romantic look. So why did Jovovich and Hawk decide to end their highly covetable collection? Perhaps Jovovich, who multitasks as a model, actress, boutique owner, and mother, just had too much on her plate. Or maybe, as she suggests, she's gotten over the vintage, bohemian look (but who could?). We can only hope that Hawk will continue to soldier on and keep the line's aesthetic, if not its name, alive. Until then, we'll subsist on Ebay's offerings and keep stopping by Jovovich's boutique to get our fix. (Fashionista)

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