Reality TV Gold: Amish Kids In The Big City

Sorry, we're not sorry — we can NOT wait for this new TLC reality show, strangely and amazingly titled
Breaking Amish
, to premiere on September 9. It's about, yep, Amish adolescents discovering their voice and stance on their community by finding their way in the Big Apple. And it proves they're just like us; They struggle with temptation ("we're not gonna drink with you!"), their dreams (Jeremiah, for example, wants to be a driver), and their sexuality ("I'd like to get to know her better..."). The only difference? They're experiencing it after emancipating themselves from a rigid community of family and friends that's been all they've known. And, oh, they're also doing it all on camera (thannnnk the TV gods!). The network, home to Emmy-worthy programs like Toddlers And Tiaras and My Strange Addiction, certainly has the formula for boob tube gold and we expect this to follow suit. But what say you? Let's tune in on Sept 9 so as not to put the cart before the horse, eh? Click through to watch the trailer and get psyched. (People)

Photo: Via People

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