The Full-Bush Brazilian Is The Latest Waxing Trend

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means, for lack of a better term, "bikini season" is officially here. And, for some women, bikini season is bikini-waxing season. According to Melanie Gilliland, the leading wax expert at European Wax Center, the Brazilian is the top pick. "When you talk about a Brazilian wax, it's as much or as little hair as you want off the front, and then a full wax off the butt strip," she says. (Ed note: "Butt strip" is apparently a technical term, and I'm into it.) Lately, some women have been opting for Brazilian waxes with more hair left behind. Yes, we've entered the era of the full-bush Brazilian. To be clear, this is when the butt strip and bikini line are waxed, but the technician leaves a full bush on the outer labia. Gilliland says that, like any trend, this is likely a cyclical thing. "When I think of [this style], I think of New York, where trends tend to go a little more that way," she says. She adds that she also thinks of Colorado, while places like Florida have more of a wax-it-all-off mindset. So, is this just a trend? Probably, but we think it points to a larger societal shift. We've been embracing our body hair more, and keeping a full bush is a way to own what we've naturally been given. "The idea of 'cleaning' everything else, like still doing the bikini line and the butt strip, is never not going to be a trend," Gilliland says. "But, keeping the hair on your labia is a way to do something different." And, hey — the '70s are back in style across the board. When booking your appointment, Gilliland says to still ask for a Brazilian, because that's technically what you'll be getting. But, make sure to tell your technician exactly how much you want taken off. "Sometimes, people will come halfway in, and sometimes a deep 'V' is common," she says. Gilliland's number-one tip for waxing? Do it on a schedule. "That's the best thing for pain," she says. "If you stick to a three-to-four-week schedule, and book your next reservation after your appointment, that will reduce pain." At the end of the day, what you do (or don't do) with your bush is your business. That said, we're kind of loving the idea of a full-bush Brazilian. So, if that's what you want to do to feel your best, grow on, girl.

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