Get Festival Fresh With This Braided Undercut

It's officially music festival season, and we want you to be the coolest babe at the show. That's why we enlisted our go-to gal Bethany Brill to teach assistant beauty editor Tara Rasmus how to easily get a totally gorgeous, bohemian look with the braided undercut.
Proof positive that there really is a braid for every occasion, this one takes its cues from the edgy, side-of-the-head buzzed look and gives it a romantic spin with a tight french braid. It's perfect for any kind of hair at any stage of cleanliness (music lovers roughing it a little more than others, we see you). We're totally obsessed with this new way to rock out — what do you think?
Video by Jack Pearce and Nora De Broder, produced by Katie Lincoln, photographed by Sarah Balch.