Boxed Lunch: Glamping, Olsens for the Men, and Palin, Palin, Palin

lunchlinks0918JC Report gets a close-up look at Andre Walker's new magazine. (Pictured, JCReport)
Screw camping. Let's go glamping! (PSFK)
In the world of celebrity designers, Lauren Conrad is actually doing quite well in the sales department. Who knew? (Racked)
One last article about Sarah Palin's style and we're through. (Huffington Post)
Okay, one more. We're going to have to go rehab for this, aren't we? (Gay Wired)
Kenneth Cole, humanitarian. (Eleconomista)
Saggy pants are a constitutional right. God bless America! (Huffington Post)
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are working on a men's collection for their line, perfect for all those caftan-wearing boho dudes out there. (WWD)

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