Box Lunch: Fun for a Fiver, Snail's Pace, and Waxy Winehouse

pmlinks1_072308.jpgACL's Michael Williams is all hot for shelter-and-fashion website The Selby. Now he's passed the fever on to us. (A Continuous Lean)
This is the slowest moving art project—and cutest case of gastropod cruelty—we've ever seen. (Miss Crew)
As gas creeps up to $5 a gallon, PSFK collects a sweet list of fun things you can still buy for a sawbuck. (PSFK)
Madame Tussauds unveils a waxwork Amy Winehouse. While the glassy, soulless expression is dead on, it's hard to recognize her without scabies, cigarette burns, and the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs. (Mirror UK)
Rumor has it that Target has drafted local faves Hayden-Harnett. Man, what can't you buy there? (Racked)
Fail this designer identity pop quiz, and we don't know you. (Fabsugar)
Photographer Phillip Toledano's latest project is perhaps his most touching and personal. (Josh Spear)

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