Boozing Frat Boys Locked In A Glass Box Become Drunken Art Exhibit

Poundin' brewdogs, rough housin' with the bros, pissing in the corner, puking and writing on your best friend's face with a Sharpie—sure, it reads like a description of a typical Tuesday night during Freshman year at the University of Anywhere U.S.A., but for the next few days, it's art. Over at the New York branch of the SCOPE Art Fair, an international exhibition that's come to the City as part of Armory Week, artist Richie Budd and his backers at Subports have created "Come On Guy"—a rather unique installation featuring several real, genuine, living and breathing frat boys locked in a giant Plexiglas-and-wood box with a ready supply of beer for your viewing pleasure. Now, not only will these strapping young examples of our nation's future drink (and drink, and drink) for you, as photo evidence shows, they'll brawl, barf, and even relieve themselves in a bucket supplied by the artist. To us, "Come on Guy" suggest a more upbeat, less disturbing riff on the sainted Dash Snow's "Hamster Parties". In order to truly connect the viewers with the bros behind the glass, visitors will, "be able to interact with the frat party via text, purchasing items of clothing, accessories, and receiving messages and files created by the brothers." Well, how could we resist? Click here for location information and here for a schedule of when the brothers will be on display. Just make sure you pre-game before you show, brah. (Art Info)
Click through to see boys gone wild!

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