A Sexy, Manhattan Monkey Lover Lets Us In His Greenwich Village Pad

If you've ever seen a guy wearing khakis, did a double-take, and said to yourself, "wow his butt looks good," you probably owe Andy Dunn a big thank-you. Back in 2007, then at Stanford Business School, Dunn's roommate Brian Spaly started altering his pants using a girlfriend's sewing machine. Soon, friends liked the pants (and presumably, how his behind looked in them) so much that Dunn and Spaly went into business, and voilà, Bonobos was born. Four years later, the New York-based company, now the largest apparel brand in the United States ever launched over the web, has taken over the men's market on "perfect fit," offering up everything from suits to sweaters in sizes that dudes and gals really, really dig (they even have fitting Ninjas should you need even more customization). Of course, no company could be called Bonobos without an active interest in either the Great Ape or sex, though in this case, it's the former—the company has donated over $15,000 to save these endangered, hyper-sexual animals from extinction. Lucky for you, the entrepreneur invited us into his Greenwich Village crib—hidden in a tiny cul-de-sac called Milligan Place—where we learned the single, football-loving pant-repreneur is as easy to like as those lovable Great Apes.
Click through to see our photo gallery with Andy with captions!

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