Bono: "Spider-Man Has To Save New York"

We feel bad about Spider-Man, and Bono sucking so much. But not really that bad, as the show's opening night, nine years in the making (!!!) due to innumerable setbacks, was reportedly not even close to worth the wait. It's hard for something with that much funding and that many celebrities (in the audience, the cast, and on the list of those who dropped out) to be a total disaster, but it's no surprise that such a complicated production turned out to be a bit of a mess. Ben Brantley of The New York Times writes that the jokes were "unapolagetically bad" and the songs dated. Still, Bono, The Edge, and the rest of the cast and crew received a standing ovation from the likes of Bill Clinton and more, as Bono pronounced, "We had to save Spider-Man because Spider-Man has to save New York." We can only imagine they were doling out sympathy points...or maybe they were being ironic? (Daily Mail)

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