This Is Going To Make You Feel Good About Yourself

There’s a reason we follow a bunch of random shih tzu dogs on Instagram (we can’t be alone in this). Browsing through cute pictures restores our faith in all things fluffy and happy, and can uplift our spirits no matter what mood we’re in — or how little we’ve slept. That’s why we love this video from all-female band The Mrs. and their I'm Enough movement.
The video asks women to use a sliding scale to rate how they feel when they look at their reflection in the mirror. We all have our “not so hot days,” but the team behind the interactive installation wants each woman to know that her reflection tells a much deeper, more meaningful story — one that she should be proud of.
We won’t spoil the surprise for you (prepare to cry), but after a long day, we can all use an uplifting reminder that we are appreciated. It's easy to forget the impact that even the smallest things you do can have on others. We just came across the video yesterday and it's so amazing that we had to share. It’s a heartwarming reminder that we all need to cut ourselves — and each other — some slack and celebrate what makes each of us amazing, instead of focusing on our faults.
It looks like positivity still prevails.

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