Blue By You: Indigo Farm Has a Fresh Crop

Collaborative designer du jour Adrian Nyman has joined forces with Phillip Law and Indigo Farm to produce a capsule collection of utilitarian workwear inspired by antiquated Far Eastern manufacturing techniques. Yep, that's sort of country-military-chic as far as we can see. Now, the new 20-piece collection will be sold in Santa Monica's menswear destination, Fred Segal Man. "We really cherish the personal quality, which uses some of these ancient manufacturing disciplines," Nyman says.

The collection features a mix of fabrications that hearken to the actual utilitarian history of workwear. Denims are 100% Zimbabwean cotton woven on Japanese Selvedge looms, chinos are constructed of yarn-dyed selvedge canvas and indigo rope-dyed corduroy. "At the heart of the collection it is really a compelling fabric story based on a very minimal design aesthetic," Nyman says. Which is fine by us. We like our pricey denim without any bells and whistles.
Indigo Farm by Adrian Nyman is available at Fred Segal, 420 Broadway, Santa Monica, 310-458-9940; For more information go to

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