This Blind Dog And His "Guide Dog" BFF Are The Ultimate Love Story

Photo: via @JenLibertine.
Guys, is this the ultimate BFF-dom? Jack Russell terrier Glenn relies on Staffordshire Bull terrier Buzz not only as a friend — but also as his guide.

See, Glenn, who is blind, is led around by Buzz, his permanent guide, who walks Glenn and keeps him company, according to ABC News. The two are pretty much inseparable.

Stray Aid, a rescue charity in Coxhoe, England, is looking for a home for the two — and asks that potential owners adopt them as a pair. "Whenever they're separated, they start crying and barking for each other," volunteer Hannah Critchlow told ABC News.

According to Stray Aid's website, the two are still available for adoption.

Of course, this isn't the first time a blind dog has found another loving animal as his guide. Last year, National Geographic covered a story about a stray cat, Pudditat, who grew close to a blind and partially deaf farm dog, guiding the dog around his home. Pixar, we've got a story idea for you.

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