BleachBlack Want to Get Some Dickweed On Your Fingers


The girls from
have been hitting their product lines out of the ballpark with their wildly successful jewelry collab with Urban Outfitters. Now, Kristin and Valerie have slapped their name on a nail polish with a downright magical combo of the shimmering greens of beetle shells and malachite stones named--surprisingly appropriately--"Dickweed". It's the first of many shades to be available on starting today for $12.95. "There's too much blushy pink going on," says Kristin. "Fashion has become way too serious. We are honestly just fucking around and have fun with this project." Amen, sister! We've retired our twee lavenders and pinks and have been on the lookout for shades that'll wake up our relatives over the holidays. The good news? This dope color would do just that. The bad? Due to some shipping nonsense, you won't get your bottle until after the New Year. But if patience is your virtue, click through to get some Dickweed for your own!

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