Go Off Sis
Black Women Talk Body Image in the Black Community

On Go Off Sis, 4 Black women discuss sizeism and body ideals in the black community.

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On this episode of Go Off, Sis, 4 Black women discuss their experiences with sizeism and how they came to embrace their bodies. While all bodies should be accepted and celebrated, the question still remains: Is there a popular body ideal in the Black Community?
There's nothing wrong enhancing your body if it makes you happy. But we do live in a world where Brazilian Butt Lifts are the augmentation of choice for your favorite Instagram baddie, and you'd be hard pressed to say that hip-hop and social media have not shaped the way Black girls feel they should look. "Am I not okay because I don't look like this or, my body doesn't fit this description in this rap song?" Laurise McMillian says.
Click play to hear more of what Laurise, and other R29ners, had to say about their body types. Then, tell us about your experiences with sizeism in the comments.
Black Women Talk Body Image In The Black CommunityReleased on February 7, 2019

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