These Movies With Black Leads, Writers & Creators Are Streaming During Black History Month

Photo: Courtesy of MGM Pictures.
Although you should definitely immerse yourself in diverse cinema throughout the year, February, Black History Month, is the perfect time to learn more about Black creators. Breakout African-American directors such as Jordan Peele, Ryan Coogler, and Dee Rees are making strides in Hollywood right now, but they follow a history of Black actors, writers, and directors that have been making movies for years. In every genre, you can find films that feature African Americans. Now with streaming, it is much easier to absorb this content. In honor of Black History Month, we have a list of 55 movies with Black leads, directors, or producers across streaming across four different platforms so that you can devote this month to exploring Black cinema.
You are bound to rediscover a movie from your childhood or find a classic film you have always wanted to watch.

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