Here’s The #1 Song From The Day You Were Born

Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
UPDATE: Jeff Callahan, the man who runs, just messaged us on Facebook to say that the birthdays now go all the way back to 1900, "after some complaints from people as old as 97!" Adorable. How's this for Timelapse Tuesday?, the online radio web app, has a nifty new song generator on its site. All you do is enter your DOB, click the "Find #1 Song" button, and voilà — you get the hit jam from the day you were born, and in some cases, even the music video. (For this writer, it was "Flashdance... What a Feeling," which obviously inspired an impromptu dance party. Do not judge.)  The site also tells you how many minutes ago you were born, which is a really weird piece of trivia, if you ask us. But, that's followed by something much more useful: a button that lets you listen to all the Top 40 hits from the year you were born. And, we love how inclusive this game is... unless you came outta the womb before 1900, because that's as far as the birth years go.   Consider swapping this link plus an email for all birthday cards going forward, and really, think of all the other things you could do for yourself. You could find out the #1 song on the day you got your first car, the day you graduated, the day you made varsity, the day you found out that Biggie Smalls died... the possibilities are endless. 

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