Here's How Much It Would Cost To Live In The Bird Box House

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you're one of the over 45 million people who took a break from bidding 2018 adieu to stream Bird Box on Netflix, you remember how terrifying the things that went down in a certain craftsman style house were. And yet, said house has become an unlikely tourist attraction.
Located in Monrovia, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, the Bird Box house has seen multiple visitors a day, as evidenced by news reports and multiple posts to social media.
"It's kinda funny," local resident Mark Christensen told the local ABC 7 affiliate. "Some people put the blindfolds on."
"You can see right now," he continued. "There's a whole bunch of people over there and I don't think there's a half hour that goes by where there isn't somebody out here taking pictures."
That's right, the house is located in an otherwise sleepy residential neighborhood, and is even occupied by residents. Zillow reveals that the home on North Canyon Drive, which has seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 4,478 square feet, is worth an estimated $1,963,537 and was last sold in 1998 for $625,000. The real estate site also estimates that, were the owners to rent it out, they could reasonably charge $7,000 a month to tenants for the privilege of living between such hallowed walls.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
While only the home's exterior appeared in the film — all the interior shots were done on a set — we'd still be a little freaked out if we watched the (admittedly fictional) apocalypse go down right outside our doorstep. Honestly, we can't blame visitors for bringing blindfolds. You know, just in case.