This Bamboo Toilet Paper Brand Is Saving Trees (& Your Butt)

Deal alert: Get 25% off one-time purchases and first orders of subscriptions with the code REFINERY25. There's no expiration on this deal.
It's safe to say we've all experienced our own toilet paper journey since the onset of the pandemic. (I was one of those people who often ended up paying $10 for a four-pack at my local bodega. Never again.) After the demand calmed down and I came to terms with being mostly WFH for the foreseeable future, I decided to make the switch to bamboo toilet paper. After all, the rate that my roommate and I were burning through TP under lockdown was astoundingly wasteful. I knew that using a paper product derived from bamboo — the fastest-growing wood-producing plant whereas traditional trees are not — could leave a more positive impact on the environment (not barring packaging and shipping efforts).
I'm kinda promiscuous when it comes to bamboo toilet paper brands (the majority of which offer a subscription plan). I've shopped around because I'm picky about what I wipe all my sensitive holes with. The main issue is I'm unable to look at these DTC rolls up in person, so I'm constantly relegated to reading reviews, buying a one-time box, and hoping for the best. To date, I've tried Who Gives A Crap, Reel Paper, and The Cheeky Panda — right now my favorite bamboo toilet paper brand is Bippy. (The brand is also offering 25% off one-time purchases and first orders of subscriptions with the code REFINERY25. There's no expiration on this deal.)
Each box includes 24 rolls that are three-ply and 250 sheets — but what does that actually mean? In terms of circumference, what I can tell you is these fit onto a regular toilet paper roll stand, and there's decent wiggle room in the caddy. In other words, they're not as wide as the super-plushy, extra-absorbent toilet paper rolls you find at your local supermarket or drugstore, but these Bippy rolls are also not as slim as some of the aforementioned bamboo TPs. Each 24-pack box can be purchased one time for $38, or you can subscribe at a rate of $32.30 (you can select how frequently you want the box to deliver). Apparently, for a household of two people, one 24-roll box should last 1.5 months.
Hand-to-roll scale & some packaging details.
When it comes to sourcing bamboo, Bippy produces rolls from its own Forest Stewardship Council-certified bamboo farm, which "ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits." The brand is also clear to point out that Bippy itself is not yet FSC-certified (only the bamboo farm is) — the company, however, is Certified Carbon Neutral through
Top: A competitor bamboo TP brand; below: Bippy.
Listen, we all use toilet paper, so I don't need to get specific about what makes for a good wipe. I'm sure you have your own opinions, which I respect. And a lot of this simply comes down to preference. For me, I like texture because it gives me the impression of better absorbency. I also like obvious ply in my sheets. Most brands boast two-ply sheets, but I honestly consider that the bare minimum — which is why I very much appreciate Bippy's three-ply design (plus, more ply means you're using less TP).
In terms of sheet size, Bippy rolls overall may not be super wide, but each sheet does offer better coverage (as you can see from the image above). Most importantly, Bippy doesn't leave any lint behind, which to me is the "you only had one job to do" flaw when it comes to other bamboo toilet paper brands. I mean, a toilet paper that leaves your nether region feeling sloppier than before you had to go? Ick.
And price-wise, making the switch to bamboo TP means you're going to be paying slightly more than your Charmins or Cottonelles — bamboo products just cost more. But what you should know is that the Bippy price point is on par with other bamboo TP brands. The only complaint I can think of is that Bippy doesn't offer a paper towel product, which is something I need and would love to try (fingers crossed this product will debut in the near future).
Will I be subscribing to Bippy rolls from here on out? It's likely that I will, especially since I can take advantage of our exclusive promo code. Is it a brand I'd recommend to fellow butt-wipers? Absolutely. Do I wish that bamboo TP were more readily available so I didn't have to succumb to getting it delivered? Of course. But, as I'd mentioned earlier, we've all been going through our own toilet-paper journeys these past few years, and this is not a one-roll-fits-all-bums kind of situation.
I don't think my toilet paper consumption practices are perfect, but I am the most pleased as I can be with Bippy at this moment. I'm still WFH, I'm still going through a lot of TP, and I'm still trying to make more sustainable life adjustments. If you're like me and just doing your best in life by making smarter purchases (and you have the budget to do so), I do think it's worth your while to give Bippy a shot.
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