5 Women Tried A Controversial Hair Supplement — Here’s What Happened

Many hair products promise longer, thicker strands, but the fact is, anything applied topically can only create the appearance of a thicker mane. If you want to actually get more volume, you have to make changes from the inside out. 
We often overlook diet and health when it comes to our beauty regimens, but they play a huge role in the look and feel of our hair and skin. One symptom of having a (very rare) biotin deficiency might be thinning hair (or hair loss), so taking biotin in that case might correct that. But, for the average person who isn't deficient, taking extra biotin probably won't do very much. 
Although, so far, there has only been weak scientific evidence to connect vitamin H, commonly known as biotin, with improvements in hair, skin, and nails, many women are declaring it as a wonder drug, claiming supplement consumption has led to faster hair growth, thicker strands, and stronger nails. In fact, there's evidence that it helps with nail growth, but it's inconclusive as far as hair
Supplements and their claims aren’t regulated by the FDA, but anecdotally biotin has been making the rounds with varying results in our curly community for years. In the NaturallyCurly offices, we’ll try just about anything once (some advice: Banana is very difficult to get out of hair), so our team put biotin to the test, and this is what happened.

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