Daily Diversion: Check Out Vintage Betty & Veronica Fashion

Asking whether a girl is a Betty or a Veronica is the kind of oversimplified distinction that makes our internal feminists groan. And yet, we've spent ages putting our lady friends into two categories: dark/sexy/spoiled or blonde/bubbly/hardworking. So, despite the outdated, totally white, scrambling-over-themselves-for-a-dude archetypes — Betty and Veronica will never cease to entertain us. And now we have a clearer idea of we can't say no to these Riverdale ladies: their impeccable fashion.
Our new favorite single-serving Tumblr, Betty And Veronica Fashions, grabs slices from the world of B and V to showcase their always on-trend bell-shaped skirts, polka-dot tops (Betty), heeled clogs (Veronica), and lots and lots of high-waisted bottoms (both). Are you a Betty or Veronica? Who cares...just ogling their fantasy wardrobe is enough for us.

Photo: Courtesy of Betty And Veronica Fashions

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