Home Alone Face! Betsey Johnson Is Getting A Reality Show

Betsey Johnson is a super-successful, single, 70-going-on-14 year old, cancer-surviving designer whose rock-'n'-roll-dipped-in-sugar aesthetic is instantly recognizable. The lady's got a lot of life to show off, and with a new TV show, Betsey + Lulu, she'll get a chance to really let loose and get candid alongside her daughter Lulu who's also thinking about launching her own fashion label. Betsey has been notoriously ungirded on camera (in one of our favorite videos ever, a wine-soaked Betsey talks about how she wants to find a "hottie" to bring on vacation), so we can't wait to see the antics she comes up with when she's got a production team to egg her on. (Racked)
Photo: Via Racked

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