We Get The Skinny Straight From Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel

It's no secret we're big on reality TV around the R29 offices, and no Bravo fixture gives us more joy than the always-candid Bethenny Ever After star, Bethenny Frankel. Sure, we love Countess LuAnn and the rest of the NYC crew, but when Bethenny left The Real Housewives of NYC, we felt the show lost its truth-telling, wise-cracking heart. Thankfully, her departure from the show hasn't taken her out of the public eye entirely — she's got her own reality show now with her amazing husband and adorable daughter, is a New York Times best-selling author, and, of course, there was that little deal involving a Skinnygirl cocktail line.
Never one to take it easy, the high-energy star can now add skin-care maven to her long list of achievements, with the launch of her new Skinnygirl skin care products. We sat down with Bethenny for a New York minute to get the skinny on the new line, her beauty must-haves, and the beauty trends she just can't stand. Read on for her candid pearls of wisdom.

Why did you decide to launch a skin care line?
"I wanted to create a high-quality line where the products are where the money goes, rather than the packaging. Just really honest, up-front products that you love the feel of and smell of, but that are affordable and can solve every problem that you would have. I have used so many different products and found that companies were really deceiving the consumer by making them think that spending $100 on eye cream would really change the way they look — and it's really not true."

What are some of your favorite products from the line?
"Tinted moisturizer is a big part of my regimen. I wanted it to have a brush because, in my life, I want to be able to be more sanitary when I'm on the go. Also, we focused a lot on the color — I've found that with a lot of foundations and tinted moisturizers, the color's off and it doesn't match the skin. These colors are really, really good and natural — people love this product as much as the expensive ones, like products that are five times the price. I've gotten a lot of tweets and emails about that."


How did the Skinnygirl brand go from cocktails to skin care?
"Everything that I do is about practical solutions for women, so I thought I see a problem and I have the ability to solve it in an affordable way, while still knowing that all the products are trustworthy. Every sip you take of a [Skinnygirl] cocktail, you know that it's high quality and you know that it's not going to break the bank — this is the same thing. Basically, it's like the cocktails in that it's something you want, but don't want to feel guilty about. You don't want to feel guilty about buying a tinted moisturizer and the price is a big, big, big factor in that."

Are there any beauty trends out there that you'd never try?

"Anything that has some new, fancy ingredient like gold dust or, I don't know, animal fur. Just like the way diets are 'oh, if you only eat sprinkles, you're gonna lose ten pounds.' I don't like anything shady or anything that makes promises that seem unrealistic."

What are the beauty trends that totally baffle you?
"Thinking that you can walk into a plastic surgeon's office and get your fat massaged and then be able to eat pizza. Or wrapping your body and losing inches — you're not really losing inches, you're losing water weight. I don't know how people believe this stuff."

Would you ever do something drastic, like go blonde?
"I wouldn't go blonde because I like to have healthy hair and the one thing I have going for me is I don't have to be blonde. I couldn't deal with the maintenance of that. I would definitely do things that are drastic, just nothing that's damaging. I would love to have fake nails, fake eyelashes, and extensions, but all that's going to be unhealthy. I'd love to have hair down to my knees just for the fun, but I know that that's damaging to your hair. Plus, the maintenance. Who needs another appointment every three weeks?"


What's next for Skinnygirl?
"A lot! Everything! The shapewear's launching at Macy's in May and the fitness accessories are launching in the next couple of months. Skinnydipping, my book, which is fiction, is coming out May 1,and I have a daytime talk show this summer — that's the most important thing."

How do you balance all of that?!
"You just do. You try to get into bed by 11 and try to get 7 hours sleep and that's really the best thing to do. If I sleep, I can do anything, if I don't — disaster. Sleep, sleep, sleep."

Finally, what's your biggest beauty do and beauty don't?
"A beauty do is to hydrate. And a beauty don't is to strip."


"Like strip your skin, not strip your clothes. Although stripping your clothes could be a beauty do, depending on who it is."

Skinnygirl Skin Care, $4.97-$15, available at Wal-Mart.

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