Absurdity And Awesomeness: A Guide

It’s all too fast, isn’t it? Life, the Internet, that crazy craziness celebs indulge in — it's a constant blur. Some of it is clearly awesome. A lot of it is demonstrably absurd. A few select things — cronuts and whatever Kanye West is doing right now — are absurdly awesome. But, who has time to figure out which is which?
Well, folks, we do have the time. Matter of fact, that’s most of what we do here at R29 HQ. So, partnering up with the awesomely absurd (sorry, sorry, absurdly awesome) folks at Smirnoff Ice, we’ve rounded up recent Internet ephemera, little day-to-day victories we all enjoy, and picks from the world of style to create a little guide for you. Read deeply, click on links, and maybe next time something happens, you’ll know if it’s awesome, absurd, or something wonderfully in between.

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