These Are The Top Turkey Chili Recipes On Pinterest

Today is technically the second day of spring. And although we may be putting away our parkas, we certainly won't be going sans jacket anytime soon. If on your search for the perfect light, but still warm, layer you are also looking for the ideal recipe equivalent, look no further than turkey chili. A little less heavy feeling than it's beef counterpart, yet still full on flavor, this dish is ideal for these in between, and altogether confusing, seasonal times. Not to mention you can always get fresh and festive with your ingredients and toppings as the temps change; throw in a little kale, some quinoa — I'm thinking avocados, cilantro, lime, a little queso fresco, and a cold margarita.
And here to help us sort out the recipes, is Pinterest with the top ten pinned turkey chili recipes. So now we can all comfortably transition from frigid winter to slightly less frigid start of "spring."
Top this turkey chili with a dollop of greek yogurt and some sliced scallions.
Quinoa adds an additional layer of texture to this slower cooker chili dish.
Step away from heavier red chilis and try this lightened-up white version.
Try swapping in sweet potatoes in place of russet.
Durable leafy greens like kale stand up well in a soup.
Set and forget this mild chili dish.
No more sweating it out over a simmering pot — just 30 minutes and voilá.
Sometimes, one bean just isn't enough.
Chickpeas add a springy crunch to this turkey chili recipe.
A sweet and savory turkey chili that's both gluten- and dairy-free.

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