11 Foods We Found At T.J. Maxx For Under $10

Photo: Lisa Poole/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
Are you a Maxxinista? (This is what T.J. Maxx has dubbed shoppers who emerge from the store having scored some major deals.) In case you've never been there, this all encompassing retail store is known for shelling out big brand steals. So if you aren't currently a Maxxinista, the title may be worth some consideration (okay, you don't actually have to call yourself that). And we're not talking about fashion choices here, although those finds can be good, too instead we've got our sights set on food. Yes, food.
A lesser known treasure trove within TJM is the edible goods section. A couple of shelves tucked near the kitchenware with a pre-packaged selection that varies from store to store, but are constantly overflowing with cheap bulk buys. The best part about these unique and wholly unexpected food-finds is the price tag that accompanies them. When we took a little trip to our nearest TJM in NYC, we were shocked to find the ahead 11 products, all for under $10 (and many under the $5 mark).
So scroll forth to see what gourmet goodies you've been missing out on at T.J. Maxx. Then take your own trip to a nearby location and let us know in the comments below the best food items you're able to score!

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