How S.F. Gals Do Footwear

Like NYC, San Francisco is credited for its walkability factor. And in many cases, it's a breeze to trot from 'hood to 'hood. But, there's one major (albeit gorgeous) obstacle that frequently stands in the way of our fancy footing plans: our notoriously high hills.
As a result, it's pretty rare that you spot locals gallivanting around in towering stilettos or uncomfy footwear. Comfort reigns supreme in the 415. So, when we do spy a seasoned city dweller strutting down the sidewalk in show-stopping soles, we have to pause and stare — and snap.
We recently caught 32 magical pairs of pumps, booties, and sandals (not to mention some stylish-yet-practical oxfords and flats!) that deserved a moment in the spotlight. Plenty of S.F. ladies are putting their best foot forward, and we’ve got the pics to prove it!