Why This Cult Favorite Needs To Make Your Summer Watch List

If you’ve frequented the internet in the past three years, chances are you’ve stumbled across a few references to Rick and Morty. Whether you realized it or not depends largely on whether you’ve been following along with the much-hyped show, which spotlights the epic adventures of an intergalactic super genius and his sidekick slash 14-year-old grandson. (If this sounds vaguely similar to another iconic mad-scientist-and-teen duo, well, it should.)
The show debuted in 2013 and has amassed nothing short of a cult following, thanks to its wit, twists, and occasionally endearing family moments. Now, with season 3 finally, finally set to premiere July 30 on Adult Swim after over a year and a half, it’s about time you bought into the hype. Ahead, we’re sharing the 10 most "Rickdiculous" adventures and "Mortiest" moments that reflect just how strange and wonderful this series is. Follow us through this portal — and binge-watch over at adultswim.com — and you'll get it, too.

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