The 8 Best Products For Short Hair

Raise your hand if you have short hair and still haven't figured out how to style it. Yup, we're right there with you. Sometimes, having short hair seems like a double-edged sword. Pros: No giant knots when you wear scarves, less drying time post-shower. Cons: Styling is difficult when you have less to work with — and you actually have to work harder on it than most long-haired ladies. So when you are styling it's important to ask yourself: Are all products created equal?
The latter is a question we shorties ask often, as we've had a our fair share of unfortunate run-ins with products that weigh down our finicky locks. Instead of going out on a limb and playing hair roulette with yet another product, we thought we'd ask a few pros for their help. Ahead, three hairstylists share their favorite products for short hair and exactly how they use them.

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