12 Prints So Good You May Just Ditch Solid Colors

For some, art appreciation is a spectator sport. You’re present, you’re engaged, and you’re strictly there to take in as much beauty as possible. But for a few of the most impassioned art lovers — such as those whose travel plans revolve around discovering a special piece of work — there’s a bit more to the experience than just being a witness. They become part of the display. And the street style at this past week’s Art Basel Miami Beach fair demonstrated just that.
Brushstrokes, painterly spots, and graphic prints — among other creative patterns — were the main fixtures for Basel-goers, and we’re not just referring to the exhibits. Even clean, simplistic lines were accented with heart-eye-emoji-worthy patterns, and the more 305-appropriate tropical prints felt fresh and unexpected. But while it's easy to opt out of minimalism in a vibrant city like this one, the 12 looks ahead also serve up a dose of style inspiration no matter where in the world you may be. Click through for all of the looks from those who treat their style like their personal blank canvas.