Best Of The Week: Barbie As Art, Hair Of The Future, and Fashion’s Most Wanted


Six Fashion Prodigies (16 And Under!) Prove Style Smarts Start Early
—Are more apt headline might have been, Six Ways To Feel Inadequate, Oldies!

Fashion's 10 Most Wanted For 2010: So Hot Right Now!
—On that note, if anyone wants to contribute to our "Buy Us An Alexa Bag" fund, we're taking donations now.

Rad Or Bad: Should We Give The Hand Motif A Hand... Or THE Hand?
—Nothing says "couture" like a shirt that gropes you.


Six Floral Print Shoes To Release Our Inner Flower Child
—Forget about Daisy Dukes. Here are your Pansy Platforms!

2010 Hair Trends for Every Day of the Week!
—Some of you weren't fans of our hair story. Well, tough noogies!

Four Of Our Favorite Unconventional Street Style Blogs
—From kids to kittens, here are some style setters you won't find on The Sartorialist.

First Look! Jean Paul Gaultier For Target's (Not-Blurry-At-All!) Lookbook
—A mini-saga in itself. We're not really feelin' it, but we're going to get the little leather jacket, for sure!

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