The 16 Most Delicious Lunches You Can Order Downtown

You might imagine that Refinery29-ers have pretty good bag game. And, we do. Especially when those bags are white, plastic, and printed with a bright red "Thank You." We're talking about our meal deliveries, of course.

And while most New Yorkers might assume our selection for delicious eats in downtown NYC is limited, new local spots popping all across the neighborhood have made the Financial District a destination for hot eateries. So, when it comes to our mid-day meal plan, we're actually overwhelmed with way too many options to choose from.

The perfect lunch is so much more than just sustenance. It's a break from the 9-to-5 grind, something that can either spice up your routine or sweeten the deal of an already awesome day. Our extensive experience with ordering in has yielded us a certain savoir faire (one too many bad sandwiches can do that to you!) that we imagine might be helpful the next time you sign on to choose your grub. Consider this your invitation to picnic on our Seamless secrets.
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What: Sake Don lunch special with salad ($15.95)
Where: Akimoto Sushi

"I order the Sake Don lunch special from Akimoto Sushi on Church Street at least twice a week. It's thinly-sliced salmon sashimi over rice, and I get it with a small side salad with ginger dressing. It's super-delicious and light — perfect for those days when I want to eat healthy, but don't feel like downing yet another salad."
-Maria Del Russo, beauty writer

Akimoto Sushi, 187 Church Street (at Duane Street); 212-766-3350.
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What: Soup of the day and half sandwich combo ($9.64)
Where: 'wichcraft

"ICYMI, this winter was not fun. And, just about the only thing I'm holding onto from it (good-bye, puffy coat) is my soup-and-sandwich lunch combo. The tomato soup is sprinkled with Parmesan, but isn't made with cream, and the sandwich is a little bit like niçoise salad on bread. Do dip the buttery breadsticks in your soup."
-Ava Feuer, senior editor, brand experiences

'wichcraft, multiple locations.
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Photo via @juicepress.
What: Simple green and veggie salad ($10); raw falafel salad ($11)
Where: Juice Press

"Juice Press' simple green and veggie salad is my go-to, sometimes with a clean green protein smoothie. It's so healthy and so good at the same time (and completely vegan/gluten-free)."
-Jessica Novak, senior content strategist

"Raw, gluten-free, and vegan — but damn good. I think I've gotten at least five people addicted to the raw falafel salad."
-Francisca Magis, video marketing manager

Juice Press, multiple locations.
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What: Design your own salad (prices start at $7.79)
Where: Just Salad

"I order the same 'make your own' kale salad from Just Salad every single day. Its heavy on apples, radishes, avocados, and lemon, with a few crunched up pita chips sprinkled on top. I'm not a health nut at all, but it's somehow so delicious that I actually look forward to eating it every day. I also like to think that it counteracts the fact that the rest of my diet is essentially candy."
-Lily di Costanzo, associate lifestyle editor, brand experiences

Just Salad, multiple locations.
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What: Two roll lunch special ($10.50)
Where: Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant

"I frequently get the two regular roll lunch special from Shinjuku ('27 Shinjuku' on Seamless). They're one of the only sushi joints I've found on Seamless that meet both of my top requirements: 1) They have the option of using brown rice in the rolls for less than $2 extra, and 2) They offer peanut mango & peanut avocado rolls using honey-roasted peanuts (so, so good). If you've never tried a peanut roll, do so ASAP, and thank me later."
-Karen Lininger, content strategist

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant, 27 Park Place (at Church Street); 212-406-3333.
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Photo via @mybellysplaylist.
What: Kale chicken Caesar wrap ($11)
Where: My Belly's Playlist

"I ordered this right when I started at Refinery29, and was instantly hooked. The wrap holds together so well and is perfectly proportioned. Then, I usually go to the fridge and get a small cup of milk to have with the (free) chocolate chip cookie."
-Gabriel Sands, marketing manager

My Belly's Playlist, multiple locations.
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What: The Napoli panini ($11.90)
Where: Pisillo

"The Napoli panini — it's actually a foot-long, so it's two days worth of delicious, Italian-sandwich goodness."
-Ana Colon, editorial assistant

Pisillo, 97 Nassau Street (between Fulton and Ann streets); 212-227-3104.
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What: Mediterranean quinoa bowl
Where: Beans & Greens

"One of the best secrets I've been let in on since starting at Refinery29 is Beans & Greens' Mediterranean quinoa bowl. It has quinoa and kale in it, so I feel super-trendy and healthy when I order it, but it also has a ton of delicious, melty feta. They also send a massive portion, so more often than not, I have lunch and dinner. Every time someone orders it, people walk by and ask what the delicious smell is! "
-Haley Morgan, account manager

Beans & Greens, 245 Murray Street (at North End Way); 212-786-4760.
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Photo via @indulgenteats.
What: Bagel sandwich ($3.75-$4.60)
Where: Zucker's Bagels & Smoked Fish

"I order from Zucker's Bagels in Tribeca...a lot. What's on my bagel differs day to day (egg and cheese, veggie cream cheese, etc.), but I usually stick to whole-wheat everything. Zuckers serves coffee from La Colombe and pickles from Brooklyn Brine, so no matter what time of day it is, I add those to every order. Okay, fine — and a black-and-white cookie, too."
-Cindy Augustine, entertainment content editor

Zucker's Bagels & Smoked Fish, multiple locations.
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What: Cuban sandwich ($8.49)
Where: Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

"Hot Swiss cheese, ham, pork, pickles — what's not to love? The real clincher to this sandwich, though, is Sophie's special green spicy sauce that comes on the side."
-Chloe Daley, associate home editor

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine, multiple locations.
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What: Miso-glazed salmon plate ($12.95)
Where: Mooncake Foods

"Fish with brown rice sounds like a boring, ho-hum lunch, but when the fish is glazed with miso and smothered in the restaurant's spicy green sauce, you wind up eating it every. Single. Damn. Day. I may or may not have tried to replicate this super-simple dish at home...and I may or may not be ordering this for lunch today..."
-Jada Wong, assistant beauty editor, brand experiences

"For anyone who loves miso-ginger dressing, this is a must. It's a decent-sized piece of grilled salmon with a buttery miso sauce that comes on a bed of lettuce and carrots with ginger dressing. It's basically a yummy, salty heaven that you don't feel bad about eating because it's on the healthier side (or at least, that's what I've convinced myself). It's a bit pricey for an everyday lunch, but totally worth it when you feel like splurging!"
-Hayley Squire, production manager

Mooncake Foods, multiple locations.
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Photo via @dirtybirdtogo.
What: Large chopped salad ($15.95)
Where: Dirty Bird To-Go

"Dirty Bird's large chopped salad with rotisserie chicken is the perfect lunch — it's light, full of veggies and protein, and comes with a lemon vinaigrette that's amazing. Oh, and cornbread croutons, which pretty much need no explanation as to how delicious they are."
-Nikki Mendell, PR manager

Dirty Bird To-Go, multiple locations.
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What: Veggie burger ($8.75)
Where: Zaitzeff

"Fluffy bun, avocado, and country cheddar — the patty itself is texturally-superior to any other contenders — it's not mushy!"
-Oscar Figueroa, event production manager

Zaitzeff, 72 Nassau Street (between Fulton and John streets); 212-571-7272.
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Photo via @healthymamafood.
What: Bliss bowl ($10.90)
Where: Yorganic

"Lately, I've been on a Yorganic kick. My usual order is: Bliss bowl with brown rice, Korean beef, kale or spinach, and pickled red onions, always with pineapple ginger-teriyaki sauce. Sometimes, I'll throw in a mango and acai juice. I also love Dig Inn and BentOn Cafe, and once in a while I'll satisfy my Melt Shop craving with some chicken-bacon-cheese deliciousness."
-Natalie Gontcharova, beauty content editor

Yorganic, multiple locations.
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What: Tuna avocado rolls ($9.95)
Where: Aki Sushi II

"I've eaten so many tuna avocado rolls in the three weeks I've been at Refinery29 that I feel like I'm going start emitting mercury like radon. I go to pretty much wherever Seamless says is good, but Aki is one of my favorites so far. I also don't hate a vegetable gyoza, but realized quickly that fried dumplings weren't exactly sustainable."
- Alexandra Polkinghorn, editorial operations director

Aki Sushi II, 366 West 52nd Street (between Eighth and Ninth avenues); 212 262-2888.

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