7 Crazy Workouts, 7 Unexpected Ways To Get Your Blood Flowing!

Hanging from a stripper pole is so 2008. And that over-packed CrossFit class? It's impossible to find an open spot these days. Oh, and we know you memorized the Zumba routine ages ago. Just admit it: Your once-vibrant cardio sesh has gone from working out to, well, work.
But, there's no reason that your exercise regimen should be even a tiny bit stale. Miami's got water, outdoor parks, and a whole host of gyms that are trying to create the wildest, most exhilarating fitness plans in the country. From flying through the air to bouncing your buns (really), here are seven serious ways to breathe some new life in your day-to-day routine. Fair warning: We can't be held responsible for any sudden urges to run off and join the circus.

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The Bar Method
At The Bar Method in South Miami, you can lift your way to the perfect shape. The idea combines yoga and ballet. Budding ballerinas squat down while balancing on the balls of their feet. Then, slight adjustments are made to isolate certain muscles, honing and toning your bottom. Feel the burn, and hold it. It's that easy.

Average Class Cost ≈ $24, or 10 for $230

The Bar Method 5734 Sunset Drive; 305-668-7738.

AntiGravity Yoga
If you’ve ever seen Cirque du Soleil, you’ve obviously ogled the super-fit acrobats who fly around
on the ribbons. Now, you can join in all the fun, too! Wrap yourself in a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling and sharpen your yoga game at Crunch's AntiGravity Yoga “Wings” class. You move and hold poses that claim to release joint pressure (ahh...), improve your sex life (hot), and help you trim down, so you can fit into those fabulous leotards they wear in the circus (finally!).

Average Class Cost ≈ $24, or 10 for $230
Crunch, 1259 Washington Avenue; 305-674-8222.

IronFlower Fitness
Female-oriented IronFlower Fitness specializes in classes like “Stiletto Aerobics,” “Hot Seat” (chair dancing), boudoir photography, and, our personal favorite, “Booty Bounce.” At Booty Bounce, you can kick it to Sir Mix-A-Lot and, well, get your booty moving.

Average Class Cost ≈ $15
IronFlower Fitness, 7300 Biscayne Boulevard; 305- 640-5370

The Flying Trapeze
For a real “only-in-Miami” experience, try swinging on the trapeze downtown with a picturesque view of the bay. As the sun starts to set, the net at The Flying Trapeze school is lit with café lights, and the whole set is both romantic and thrilling. In your first class, you’ll learn to fly from swing to swing, a back tuck, and a pass from one swing to a partner.

Average Class Cost ≈ $40

The Flying Trapeze School, Bayfront Park 301
North Biscayne Boulevard. 786-239–8775

Free Gym At Kennedy Park

A gym membership can get pricey and classes even pricier, but the outdoor gym at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove is totally free. After some city commissioners read a report in Men’s Fitness magazine that called Miami the fattest city in America (in 2009), they unveiled free outdoor equipment in the

Kennedy Park, 2400 South Bayshore Drive; 305-854-3859

Paddleboard Yoga

Paddleboard yoga, or SUP yoga (Stand-Up Paddleboard), has become the chicest new thing for the Lululemon-clad set. This challenging and trendy exercise is for those who already have mind and body balance from yoga classes — or who don’t mind falling into the water mid asana.

Average Class Cost ≈ $30 for members, $40 for non-members
The Standard Miami, 40 Island Avenue; 305-673-1717.

Imagine having one of the most intense, effective workouts of your life...in 30 to 40 minutes. The idea behind Equinox's new program is efficient, high-powered exercise, not long sessions. The class is inspired by rowing (remember how amazing those boat babes looked during the Olympics?) with in-class machines that replicate the movement and circuit-style classes. Yowza.

Equinox, 520 Collins Avenue; 305-673-1172.

Photo (Clockwise from left): Courtesy of Crunch Fitness, Ironflower Fitness, Carma PR, The Bar Method Miami

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