5 S.F. Couples Share Their Fave Hobbies

OK, guys. We’ve unearthed the secret to a happy relationship and it's...a joint hobby. Or, at least it is for these five local couples, who kindly let us in on how they spend quality time together.
From lamp making to bird-watching (or should we say lovebird-watching, heh), these adorable duos are full of ideas for first dates and anniversaries alike. So, whether you've got yourself a sweetheart or you're in the market for one, join us as we live vicariously through these perfect tales of how they met (hello, OkCupid!), adventure-filled weekends (Big Sur getaway, anyone?), and helpful, oftentimes hilarious relationship advice. If you're not a fan of love, make your exit now, because we’re talking meet-cutes and romantic gestures galore.