The 10 Frozen Produce Bags To Always Have On Hand — & What To Do With Them

Photographed by Davide Luciano.
Frozen veggie bags get a bad rap; they provoke mildly horrifying flash backs of questionable TV dinners past. You know, those trays filled with bland freezer-burned peas and mushy chunks of defrosted carrots? But in reality, they aren't actually scary at all. In fact they're often cheaper than their produce section counterparts, and they're frozen at peak freshness. While veggies from the grocery store's freezer section aren't bursting with flavor simply defrosted on their own, they shine brightest on the dinner table as mix-ins to our favorite winter dishes.
Affordable with a competitive shelf-life, these pre-cut, washed, and frozen goods wield the power to quickly and easily elevate our go-to recipes. From sprucing up a breakfast frittata with chopped spinach, tossing Brussel's sprout halves in your lunchtime quinoa bowl, or adding some savory pearl onions to tonight's pot of stew, our frozen veggie bag hit-list covers a plenty of quick-fix savory options. So scroll on for our top ten and how we love to use them.

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