We Tried These 4 Popular Frozen Pizza Brands — & Here's The Supreme Slice

Photo: Getty Images.
Pizza preferences are personal with a capital P. But, regardless of whether you grew up eating your pizza out of a box from the store's freezer section or not, it's hard to deny that a frozen pie is both parts cheap and convenient. You can pick up one up just about anywhere at any time and fully stock your freezer full of the slices — for whenever those pizza cravings come a knocking. No long lines, delivery fees, or even waiting around for the doorbell to ring — just you, a pre-made pie, and your preheated oven. Now that really doesn't sound half bad. The only hitch? Frozen pizza doesn't always live up to its fresh counterpart.
Because it had been awhile since we'd tasted a sampling of the frozen product options ourselves, we held a blind taste test in order to select a top contender. We bought and baked up the pre-made pies from three popular grocery brands (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Target), throwing in a fourth frozen pie legend for good measure (DiGiorno). Join us ahead to find out if all freezer pizza is created equal — and which, if any, of the four boxed brands won over our fresh slice-loving taste testers.

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