20 Iconic Late-Night Spots At Colleges Across The Country

College is the best four years of your life, or so the saying goes. Maybe the last half of that statement got chopped off, because really, it's the best four years of your life for eating greasy food late at night. Whether it's because you've had too much to drink, or you've just been studying really hard... well, that depends on the night of the week, we suppose.
Once you enter the "real world," chances to line up with a hundred of your peers for the chance at 3am ooey-gooey pizza or hot-sauced-dosed tacos suddenly dry up. Plus, let's be real, super-late hours just make things taste better (we're sure it's just the exhaustion and not cans of Natty Light that make it so, of course). No wonder nostalgia for our respective alma maters runs so deep.
Ahead, 20 of the most iconic drunk spots in the country. What would you add? Let us know in the comments, and we'll see you for brunch in the dining hall tomorrow.

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