The Hot Item To Automatically Make Your Place More Elegant

Jill Singer is a New York-based journalist and the cofounder of Sight Unseen , an online magazine devoted to discovering new ideas and talents in design and the visual arts.
Even though ceramics have long since shed their grandma vibes — and pretty much every cool creative we know these days is dabbling in clay, it’s still easy to think of the potter as someone who toils behind a wheel, giving form to smooth, organic shapes ready for the kiln. But, while that might describe some of our current favorites, a new generation of ceramic artists has cropped up in the past year sporting an entirely different aesthetic: Think shifting planes, geometric shapes, sharp angles, and asymmetry.
The new look is highly graphic, inspired by postmodern artists, like Ken Price and Peter Shire, and often blurs the line between two dimensions and three, sculpture and function. In other words, it’s just the thing for anyone looking to add a dose of cool into their interiors. Here are some of our favorite new kids on the block, whose names you need to know right now.