These High-Performance Skin-Care Products Aren’t For Your Face…

Whether you follow a 12-step regimen or not, chances are, you take better care of the skin on your face than the rest of your body. While your visage benefits from a series of targeted oils, serums, and hydrators, the rest of you likely gets stuck with regular-old lotion that’s designed to accomplish just one thing: moisturize.
But basic body creams and butters have new competition, thanks to an uptick in supercharged serums and oils hitting shelves. These high-performance formulas do much more than hydrate skin — they’re made with ingredients tailored to a variety of skin concerns. There’s a highly effective elixir for every issue, from stimulating collagen production to tackling the appearance of cellulite.
Loaded with minerals and nutrients — many of which have been derived from essential oils — and active ingredients commonly found in products marketed for your face, these concentrated formulas do the heavy lifting, similar to their facial counterparts. Even better, they often feel — and smell — positively luxurious.
Ready to start your head-to-toe skin-care regimen? Read on for a few of our favorite serums and oils.

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