The 10 Best Movies With “American” In The Title

If you're reading this on the Fourth of July, it means one of three things: You're either super-addicted to the Internet, in which case we suggest this. Or, you might have a crippling fear of fireworks stemming from a traumatizing childhood incident that you refuse to talk about, and for that we recommend this. If it's not that either, then it must mean your epic BBQ was rained out, and for that we give you this: a definitive list of the films with the word "American" in the title. Watching anything else on our Independence Day would be pretty much on par with treason.
While most of the films don't deal with America in a direct way, they all explore the various facets that make this the greatest country in the world. You know, things like youthful exuberance, death, immigration, capitalism, sex, excess, and love. Hey, it may not always be pretty, but this country's filmmakers have a rich history of telling it like its. Warts and all. It's our freedom of expression after all, that makes us who are.
Happy Fourth!

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