What People Wear To Get Into Berghain, The World’s Most Exclusive Nightclub

Photographed by Britt Tina Margaretha.
No other club in the world is so shrouded in mystery as Berghain in Berlin. Every tourist wants to get in, standing in the infamous line for hours upon hours, only to later be rejected by the ruthless bouncer. While locals generally have a better chance of making it inside, there are no safe bets — for it's true what they say about Berghain: It's the hardest door in the world.
If you're one of the elite who has made it past Sven Marquardt and his colleagues, you will know that every second in the club is worth it. Inside the halls of the former heat and power station, you can feel the vibes that set Berghain apart from anything else you've ever experienced. The ear-piercing music with its visceral bass can make your heart stop for a second. Music lovers know what I am talking about: It has the best stereo system in the world, and it touches your soul.
After you reassure yourself that your heart is indeed beating again, you see the other club-goers, dancing as if there's no tomorrow. Berghain allows everyone to be who they want to be, and that includes their style. Whether it's an all-black look, a red lace dress, or a bright yellow shirt, fashion here isn't about trends; it's about self-expression. Ahead, you'll see just what we mean.

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