The Simple But Overlooked Sex Technique You Might Want To Try

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
When it comes to sex, no one technique fits all. In fact, half the fun of sex is trying something new once in a while. Of course, a quickie somewhere unexpected definitely has its appeal, but we'd like to make the case for sex that lets you take your time, go at a gradual pace, and see what happens. Related: 5 G-Spot Sex Positions You Have To Try According to Petra Zebroff, PhD, a more relaxed, slow-paced sexual encounter offers plenty of benefits, particularly when it comes to your own pleasure. Reducing the tempo can help you get out of your head, and "the lack of stress can make it easier to reach that climax," she tells Shape. Sexologist Emily Morse, PhD, adds that the effects of your climax might last longer, too.
Related: Have An Amazing Orgasm: Achieve Multiple Os Of course, this kind of slow, passionate sex lends itself well to partners who have already slept together. In fact, it can be an opportunity to deepen those bonds. "Going slow encourages eye contact, lots of kissing, and an overall sensual appreciation of your partner," Dr. Morse says. Whether you're in it for the intimacy or the easier climax, why not take the slow-and-steady route this weekend? Click through to Shape for more steamy sex advice. (Shape) Related: 4 Reasons Masturbation Is Good For You

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